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Why Is Tooth Extraction Needed?

November 2, 2018

Some teeth need to be extracted if they have been severely damaged by decay or cavities. Your dentist may try not to remove the affected tooth by putting a dental filling or a cap on it. However, when tooth repair is no longer possible, tooth removal is the last option. A simple tooth extraction cost in Brooklin varies on how complex the case of the tooth to be extracted is.

This dental procedure may not be pleasant to the patient. However, the dentist needs to extract the damaged tooth in order to save the rest of the patient’s teeth. Dr. Peter Yao of Brooklin Village dental care performs tooth extraction when necessary to keep his patient’s mouth healthy.

Here are some of the reasons for tooth extraction:

  • Orthodontic treatment – Some patients who are recommended for orthodontic treatment may need tooth extraction to remove either one or two teeth. This is done before wearing braces to allow the teeth to be properly aligned. The tooth extraction cost in Brooklin would be on top of the expenses for the orthodontic treatment.
  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy – Drugs for chemotherapy make the patient’s bones weak and susceptible to infection. If the patient has tooth infection, extraction may be recommended.
  • Malpositioned or extra teeth – Patients whose teeth that have sprouted in a different position may possibly hinder the growth of other teeth. Peter Yao from Brooklin Village dental care strongly recommends removal of the extra teeth.
  • Severe tooth damage due to trauma – Facial trauma sometimes cause teeth to be severely fractured, chipped, or broken. If restoration is not a viable option, the dentist resorts to tooth extraction to prevent further damage.

Factors to consider for tooth extraction cost in Brooklin

Tooth extraction cost in Brooklin starts at about $140 CAD. The age of the patient and the complexity of the procedure are the factors considered for the cost of tooth extraction.

If you are bothered by tooth pain, have your teeth checked by Dr. Peter Yao to see if tooth extraction would be necessary.

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