Pediatric Dentistry

At Brooklin Village Dental Care we have a very good pediatric dentistry dentist on staff to treat your little ones and help teach them good oral health. Pediatric dentistry help make little ones less anxious with specifically planned equipment in offices that are organized and decorated with little ones in mind.

What treatments pediatric dentist provide

Most pediatric dentists will provide the following treatments:

  • Oral health exams which include the a risk assessment for cavities
  • Preventive oral care that includes cleanings, fluoride treatments, and nutrition advice
  • Behavior modification support concerning things like pacifiers and thumb sucking
  • The repair of cavities and defects
  • Repair of dental injuries such as fractures, displacement, and teeth that have been knocked out
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions related to diseases such as diabetes, asthma, allergies like hay fever and more
  • Early assessment and planning for teeth straightening or correcting a bite
  • Management of gum disease and other issues inside the oral cavity

Pediatric dentistry anesthesia

Most often children will be treated with nitrous oxide as an anesthesia since it is inhaled and not a pill that has to be swallowed. It is also easy to decrease the amount and happens quickly in the body by simply turning the knob down or removing the mask to decrease the amount the patient is getting. All the anesthesia a pediatric dentist gives children is safe for them and the dentist will get a detailed history of allergies before giving the child any anesthesia.

Specialist in children’s dentistry

A pediatric dentist has two or three years of study after dental school and then their practice is strictly children.
You can relax when you choose to take your little one to a pediatric dentist as he or she has had special training in how to deal with children to make their oral exams less challenging.

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