Teeth Grinding

People who grind their teeth do not always know they are doing it until they start having pain and other problems related to teeth grinding.

Problems from grinding teeth

The problems from grinding teeth do not show immediately, but when they do it can be very painful.
Problems such as:
• Chipped and broken teeth
Jaw pain or TMJ
• Loss of enamel on the teeth
• Unable to have dental implants because the grinding will shove the implant too far into the jaw bone damaging both the bone and the implant
• Damage to the saliva glands from an overdeveloped masseter muscle

Treatment for teeth grinding

If you grind your teeth your dentist can help you with a night guard for when your sleeping hours. Many people who clench or grind their teeth do not realize they are doing it during the day when they encounter stress as well as at night during their sleep.

If you find you are clenching your jaws during stressful situations, you will need to find another way to relieve that stress. For some walking or some form of exercise is a great stress reliever for others meditation works well. It is entirely up to you what you find that will relieve your stress.

Some correlation between teeth grinding and sleep disorders. Lately there has been some correlation between teeth grinding and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. This is fairly new information and may require further study, however, the premise is that grinding is a function of the body to help keep the airways open in sleep apnea.


Whether stress related or sleep disorder related if you are grinding your teeth hard enough to crack and chip them it is not good and you should speak to your dentist at Brooklin Village Dental Care.

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